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Best, Affordable Artificial Christmas Tree

This year is the first time in my adult life that I actually LOVE my Christmas tree! Every year prior to this year, I liked my tree, but cannot say that I genuinely loved it. It is the perfect size, style, price, color and just an overall perfection. In the past, I never really spent enough time looking for what I truly wanted nor did I have a clear vision for it. This year I was committed to making sure I found "the one". I wanted it to be big, full, and beautiful. In my opinion, this tree hit all the marks.

I visited a few stores to find a tree in person but was not impressed with the options. This led me to explore some online options. I was a bit nervous because the thought of buying a tree online just did not sit right with me. After scrolling the internet for what felt like hours, I finally found the one on I am linking it here.

The very first thing I had in mind was my budget. Christmas trees can become very expensive. As much as I love the holiday, I did not want to break the bank on a tree. This tree cost $240 including shipping and taxes. For a 9ft tree, that is pretty affordable compared to others I've seen.

Visually, the tree covers everything I wanted. I knew I wanted a flocked tree this year and the balance between the green branches and white, flocked areas are perfect. The only downside is that during set up, some of the snow sprinkled onto the carpet. This to me isn't a huge deal unless you plan to touch the tree all day. After vacuuming around the tree after initial set up, I haven't any issues with it creating a mess. The amount of snow shedding was actually minimal compared to what I expected.

The size is perfect. We have 9ft ceilings and the tree is only a few inches from the ceiling, making it practically true to size description. Even though I chose the 9ft option, the tree comes in several other sizes including 4.5 ft, 6ft and 7.5ft. This is perfect because of course, every space is different.

Assembly was pretty simple and straightforward. Setting up the metal base took about 3 minutes. The tree came in four separate parts labeled A-D, with D starting at the base and A at the top. Attaching the four sections only took a few minutes too. The only left to do to the actual tree after this was separate the branches. "I prayed it would not appear to be "spacey" after spending several minutes spreading the branches, my prayers were answered. It was nice and full, just how I wanted it to be.

The quality of the tree is definitely there for the price. When I initially started looking for trees, I visited one of my favorite retailers (Target) and I fully expected to find a tree. They had options that were more expensive than my current tree and they couldn't even begin to compete. I saw a tree that was priced close to $300 and it was smaller and lacking quality big time. This to me served as confirmation that I made the right decision.

Overall I am very pleased with my BCP Christmas tree purchase. My 11 year old son was beyond excited about this tree because it's much bigger than any we've ever owned. He dubbed the tree as "gigantic amazingness". Getting his stamp of approval told me all I needed to know- Our Tree is LIT!

I'll be sharing some holiday content on my Instagram page @naturallynella so be sure you're following me there to see the tree in "action".

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Awww! The tree is beautiful and thanks for the review :)

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